Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blog Header

Decided to change it on a whim.

Well life has been hard. I need to kick my procrastination.

Plurk karma frozen, I quit Facebook games already, I don't even look at Twitter.

Then came Tumblr.

Tumblr made me go through 1.5k pages of various awesome tumblrs of other people in 2 days.

I'm so crazy about Tumblr I ordered a Tumblr tee shirt online and it should arrive in the next couple of weeks. CAN'T WAIT!


And, I tried working some other place, this time, its at this particular hotel. Its a weird feeling to be a stranger to a place again. The whole feel of the place is old... But yet can still function. The area I worked in that night was 6 small meeting rooms [partitioned normally] plus the corridor converted into one big area, and there placed 32 tables. There is no houseman, 2 staff is appointed housemen and have to do backroom stuff, which they were slow to react, NO CHINESE TEA LEH.

Then the dinner was putting the platter on the lazy suzanne on the table, except for soup, noodles and dessert have to portion and fish which have to cut and debone. Weird feeling to be table portioning, but I portioned slightly faster than some staff.

The dessert was my favourite orh-nee, or yam paste [with ginko nut!]

Chose to OT, 4 people OT, have to do finish everything, do like siao.

The stewarding likka cui, no racks to put glasses, glasses stack up, they don't care cox they have to clear the dirty dishes also. zz

Then next day was back at Ritz to do under housekeeping and clear the beds for breakout rooms. 4 high floors were taken up. Second time doing it already so okay okay.

School has been numbing, at least the experience of doing surveys along Orchard Road was sort of an eye opener.

Haiz, to NA, whoever you are, its not that I don't want to treat people the right way, I guess I have yet to learn to analyse different situations and act accordingly. I've been doing the wrong things at the wrong times and now I've been royally ignored.

Note to self: BUCK UP!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have to try very hard to accept the cruel fact that politics are everywhere.

It's just too... too... I just hate it.

I know very well that I hate being alone, or rather, being left out.

That is the worst feeling ever.

Thus when I was flown aeroplane by a friend when I reached Tampines, I felt total emptiness and silence.

For that moment. My mind was empty, all sounds blurred into silence, and everything went into black and white.

It went something like this:

Me: I've reached Tampines
X: Oh sorry I'm not going there already.
Me: Huh?!
X: Yeah. Sorry, was in class and forgot about it.
Me: ...

Then, recent turn of events is just, annoying to say the least.

This is separate from the incident above.

Every single time when something similar happens, my analytical mind goes overdrive and ventures into the irrational.

How come I can just be brushed off like nothing?

Why not say it to my face?

The universe is using sledgehammers already BUT WHY?

If I'm not wrong, I'm repeating the lesson for the 3rd time already, and as far as I can tell, I haven't learnt it.

It's sad. Really.

A face to face confrontation WILL ruin the friendship. As if it isn't ruined already.

But thinking it out on my own doesn't help either. ARGH!

I need explanations. I need rationalisations of things that are happening.

I need to stop.

Stop thinking.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happened to me.

Recently, stuff happened to me.

Like, I got to work in RC Club! Was super nervous at first cox the service is tip top! Was fun to the max! Saw for my own eyes what is hospitality. VERY IMPRESSED. Much better than all the theory shit we learn in school. The only thing that's good about school is when you find out how it all APPLIES IN REAL LIFE. Other than that its really boring in real life.

Then another perk is all the cool people you meet up there, be it the colleagues or the guests, they're awesome! I attempted to talk to a couple as they're reading Singapore's map. Asked them where they'd like to go and talked to them for abit. Kinda nerve wreaking but definitely fun!

Then there was the Japanese girls I saw. Two of them actually. I find out that I can just tell if someone is a Japanese 90% of the time. I guessed, then listened for abit, then confirm with a polite, nihonjin desuka? [Are you a Japanese?] That will usually shock them and I explain that I know a little Japanese, very little actually. xD

It became very useful that time when we're on the bumboat during Ruiqin's birthday. We're sitting on the outside area then this old guy walked up and sat at one empty space, asked him that question after suspecting if he's Japanese and he said yes! Tried communication but then failed cox I don't really understand. He then asked his friend to help translate.

Turns out this friend of his is a Japanese based in Singapore. And this old guy I said was some parliamentary member of Tokyo. I was HUH?! Flabbergasted totally. He gave me his namecard hahahaha. I tried to use my hospitality thing and asked him how's his stay in Singapore etc. It was an awesome feeling to use what I had learnt in real life.

Seems that exams just don't cut it out anymore.

Monday, February 8, 2010



A happy summer song. xD


This song is aww.... Love the lyrics!

Romaji Lyrics:

motto hanashite ittai yo
zutto waratte ittai yo
kitto itsumademo kawaru kotonai
kimi no inai hibi nado
souzou motteiki nakatta

zutto te 'o tsunaide ittai
gyutto dakishimete ittai
kitto itsumademo kawaru kotonai
kimi toita hibi wo ima
mou ichido dakede ii kara

moshi mo negaiga kanau no naraba
bokuwa itsudemo kimini ai ni iku
ikutsumono yoru koe tekita darou
kimi ni sasageru tada kono utau o~

rinto shita kimi no kao
chotto kandakai koe mo
itsuka higoku kara kiete shimau nara
ima sugu sayonara
sorega dekinai kara utau yo

tatoe negaiga kanawa nakutemo
bokuwa mayowazu kimi ni ai ni iku
ikutsumono yoru koe tekita darou
kimini sasageru tada kono utau o~

kyounen kimiga kureta
ryukku no poketto ni
ganbare te kaita tengami
ima kisetsu ga kawaru
atarashii kaze yofuke
kono koe todoke mou ichido kimi no motto e

kimi toita machi zattou omou naka
kimi no omou kage sagashite shimau
tada aitakute tada aitakute
itsumademo tabun tachi sukundeita

moshi mo negaiga kanau no naraba
bokuwa itsudemo kimi ni ai ni iku
ikutsumono yoru koe tekita darou
kimi ni sasageru tada kono utau o~

English Translation:

I want to talk (with you) more
I want to laugh (with you) always
I want nothing to ever change
I can't imagine without you here all day long

I want to hold (your) hand forever
I want to hold it real tight
I want nothing to ever change
You are here now
Let's try it once again
Anytime that you desire
I will go to where you are
Several nights have passed by
I will find you and sing this song to you

The glow of your face
and the little shrill of your voice
Will disappear from the memory someday
I will have to say goodbye soon however
therefor I cant sing to you right now

Even if you wish or cry
I have to hold back from meeting you
Several nights have passed by
I will find you and sing this song to you

The letter you gave me last year
still in the back of my pocket
the badly written wish "work hard"
Now a new season has arrived
blowing a fresh wind at late night
Now I hear your voice once again

Now I can feel you in this bustling city
I can find the trace of your shadow
I keep meeting you again
I keep meeting you again
Maybe it is destined all along

Anytime that you desire
I will go to where you are
Several nights have passed by
I will find you and sing this song to you

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change - Every Little Thing


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We never stop.

Friday, January 15, 2010


credits: icanread.tumblr

these days I don't even think.
I need people to be strict with me. very strict.
doesn't matter what I say cox its a way of escaping so ignore the words I say please.
my only hope is that.

if not.

I'll just be useless.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The rival, The best friend. :D