Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blog Header

Decided to change it on a whim.

Well life has been hard. I need to kick my procrastination.

Plurk karma frozen, I quit Facebook games already, I don't even look at Twitter.

Then came Tumblr.

Tumblr made me go through 1.5k pages of various awesome tumblrs of other people in 2 days.

I'm so crazy about Tumblr I ordered a Tumblr tee shirt online and it should arrive in the next couple of weeks. CAN'T WAIT!


And, I tried working some other place, this time, its at this particular hotel. Its a weird feeling to be a stranger to a place again. The whole feel of the place is old... But yet can still function. The area I worked in that night was 6 small meeting rooms [partitioned normally] plus the corridor converted into one big area, and there placed 32 tables. There is no houseman, 2 staff is appointed housemen and have to do backroom stuff, which they were slow to react, NO CHINESE TEA LEH.

Then the dinner was putting the platter on the lazy suzanne on the table, except for soup, noodles and dessert have to portion and fish which have to cut and debone. Weird feeling to be table portioning, but I portioned slightly faster than some staff.

The dessert was my favourite orh-nee, or yam paste [with ginko nut!]

Chose to OT, 4 people OT, have to do finish everything, do like siao.

The stewarding likka cui, no racks to put glasses, glasses stack up, they don't care cox they have to clear the dirty dishes also. zz

Then next day was back at Ritz to do under housekeeping and clear the beds for breakout rooms. 4 high floors were taken up. Second time doing it already so okay okay.

School has been numbing, at least the experience of doing surveys along Orchard Road was sort of an eye opener.

Haiz, to NA, whoever you are, its not that I don't want to treat people the right way, I guess I have yet to learn to analyse different situations and act accordingly. I've been doing the wrong things at the wrong times and now I've been royally ignored.

Note to self: BUCK UP!

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